CS 598MEB: Computational Cancer Genomics

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Semester Spring 2019
Instructor Prof. Mohammed El-Kebir
Time TR 2:00-3:15 PM
Location 1103 Siebel Center
Office hours Tuesdays 3:15-4:15 PM in 3216 Siebel Center

Course description

This course introduces fundamental problems and algorithmic approaches in cancer genomics. Covered topics include:

  1. tumor phylogeny inference,
  2. driver mutation identification,
  3. somatic variant calling.
This course will not teach you how to run popular bioinformatics tools. Rather, we will focus on the underlying algorithmic ideas and the issues that arise when translating a biological problem into a computational problem and ultimately an accurate tool for biologists to use. In addition, this course will teach you how to read scientific papers and how to propose and conduct independent research.


This course is appropriate for graduate students in computer science, bioengineering, mathematics and statistics. Familiarity with basic statistics, probability and algorithms is expected.



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